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Gastronomy and Local Cuisine of the South West

Your stay in Nerac is the opportunity to discover the local dishes of the pays d’Albret and Gascony’s culinary culture. When one say’s Gascogny, we immediately think of foie gras, yet the list goes on with other specialties such as duck magret, pate, confit of duck cassoulet, confit of gizzards and of course Henri IV’s favorite : chicken stew…  A delicious adventure that will thrill the gourmet inside of you!

A Farmhouse Restaurant

The Contes d’Albret is an essential stop if you want to appreciate the savory local products.

The restaurant invites you to discover and enjoy their duck based specialties in a family and friendly environment, either near the fireplace during the winter months, or on their patio during the summer months.

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The Terrine of Nerac

A festive delicacy that is always served at New Year’s Eve dinners, the Terrine of Nerac is a historical specialty of the city. This pate made from thrush (bird) meat and preserved in lard with truffles was extremely popular in the 17th century. Armand Fallières (French President from 1906 – 1913) introduced the terrine de Nerac in the menu for the presidential hunting day on the famous hunting grounds of Rambouillet.

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